Month: June 2024

Compliance for E-Commerce Entities

The purchasing and selling of goods and services using the internet is referred to as electronic commerce, or e-commerce. It includes a range of business models, such as marketplaces, digital product or service platforms, and online retail storefronts. The way customers and businesses shop has been completely transformed by e-commerce, which offers ease, variety, and affordable prices.

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Section 9 of The Arbitration Act, 1996- Interim Measures by the Court

Compliance for E Commerce Entities

Section 9 entails the principle that any person can seek interim relief/measure from the Court. It provides for the interference of the Court before or during the arbitration proceedings and during the post-award stage. It provides a remedy to the parties to approach the Court and seek its interference to protect and secure their interests. However, once an arbitral tribunal is appointed, the Court can only intervene to provide interim protection if it appears to the Court that the remedy provided under Section 17 is not efficacious

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How to become an Advocate?

Many students who are in their schools or have passed their class 12th, wish to become a lawyer or an Advocate. The reason behind why “or” is used in between an Advocate or lawyer is because of the general notion of laymen that both are the same. People often neglect to research the difference in being a lawyer or an Advocate. In this Article, we will uncover the difference between a Lawyer and an Advocate. Also, how students in different stages of life can become Advocate also known as the officers of the Court.

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What is Arbitration and How a Law Student Can Make a Career in It?

Arbitration Picture

What is Arbitration and How a Law Student Can Make a Career in It Introduction It is more important than ever to have quick and effective conflict resolution procedures in today’s fast-paced, globally connected society. Arbitration has become a well-liked substitute for traditional litigation since it provides a private and expedited means of settling conflicts. Arbitration offers a stimulating and fulfilling career route for law students thinking about their futures. This blog will examine arbitration and offer a thorough how-to manual for law students wishing to pursue careers in this exciting area. Understanding Arbitration Arbitration is a type of alternative

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