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Inculcatelaw is a team of law experts dedicated to guide law students, provide online law courses, certificate courses on different legal subjects. Inculcatelaw aims to prepare law students to be industry ready by providing practical legal knowledge through their affordable and quality courses. The courses include the understanding of the substantive laws along with their practical applicability.

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We offer a wide range of law courses to law students and aspirants, the major focus of Inculcatelaw is to provide quality courses that promote skill development. We offer live as well as self-paced certificate courses on contract drafting, law of torts, legal writing, legal research, mooting and courtroom skills, Intellectual property, essentials of Indian contract act 1872 etc.

To enrol, simply visit our registration page, choose your desired course, and follow the instructions to complete the enrolment process.

Course duration vary depending on the specific program. We offer both short-term workshops spanning a few days and comprehensive courses that extend over several months. You can refer to the description of the specific course.

Prerequisites vary by course. Some courses may require a basic understanding of legal concepts, while others are open to participants from various backgrounds. Check the course details for specific prerequisites.

Assessments may include quizzes, assignments, case studies, and exams, depending on the course. Detailed assessment information is provided in the description of each course.


Yes, upon successful completion of a certificate course, you will receive a certificate that verifies your participation and the skills you’ve acquired.

Our refund policy is outlined in our website. Generally, refunds are available within a specific period before the course starts. Please refer to the policy for specific details.