About Inculcatelaw

Inculcatelaw is dedicated to guiding law students and aspirants for and through their legal careers. Inculcatelaw aims to personally mentor and guide students to plan their legal career along with their law school journey following their particular aim. Inculcatelaw aspires to make each student’s journey in the field of law smooth by helping them prep for legal entrances, build a CV, choose the best-fit college, create a LinkedIn account, make research papers, perform in moot court, choose suitable clubs and committees, appear in semester examinations, attaining internships and placements. Law is a vast field characterized by infinite opportunities like a corporate lawyer, judiciary, independent advocate, public prosecutor, and many other jobs in India and on an international level. Inculcatelaw provides a customized way of guidance. Inculcatelaw helps students make their path simpler by assisting in creating a CV aligned with personal goals.

Inculcatelaw is registered as a micro enterprise under MSME.
Registration number-UDYAM-MH-19-0215931