What's the Difference Between Pursuing a 3 Year Law Degree and a 5 Year Law Degree?

This blog posted on Inculcatelaw is written for law aspirants to understand the difference between 3 year law programme and 5 year law programme.


About 3 Year Law?


3 Year LL.B. is a single degree course.


 If a student chooses to pursue law after graduation, then only and best option left is 3 Year LL.B. but in this situation it will take a minimum of 6 years in total to be a law graduate.


One can pursue 3 year LL.B. only if he/she is an undergraduate!



About 5 Year Law?


5 Year LL.B. is a dual degree together in which one of them is LL.B. For example:- B.A. LL.B.


If a student who is done with his/her 12th class must opt for 5 year LL.B. if they wish to choose law as their profession. Choosing 5 year law after 12th saves a year of the student’s life.


📍 5 year law student who has completed two degrees is still an undergraduate! As LL.B. is an undergraduate course.


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